I feel he’s a big flirt.. .

Posted on April 15, 2010


Meeting people and making friends is what we usually are engaged in during the entire college life, whether we have classes or not, exams or not still the friendship and love process keeps going on. Cell phones are flooded with numbers of everyone, even those we just met once. I believe, the best moments of the life that always continues to exist in memories forever.

However, this is not the subject I am here to talk about. Am basically sharing an experience…

While chatting with a close friend of mine, I came to know about his college life. At present only word, I can acknowledge him with is a Jerk, never leaving any instance of approaching any gal, a big flirt what I feel. His Facebook profile is full of girls from around the globe. I saw his chat box open ones, 10 windows open at a time, all girls, saying similar words to each one of them.” Oh my darling…., You know how much I love you” …Gosh I was startled. He got the most frowned look from me ever. He knew he was on the verge of being killed so started his attempts of making me calm down with all those sweet, cute tactics, he uses every time. I was alright. Fine, accepted coz he’s one of the best friends of mine but I pity those gals man… really..!!

Well…It’s not the only thing that evoked me to share this experience. Another shocking thing for me was, last night, when he started discussing his past-life with me. He told me he had dozen of girl friends. But…uff….he said he was shy. Now that’s what I call a shock. He told me he didn’t even have the courage to talk to a girl for two consecutive moments. It’s really hard for me to believe.

Among most of his boyfriends (lol) he was the only one surround by all girls but couldn’t really approach a single girl even when he wanted to have a girl friend.

Now, this was ironical for me…a shy guy turned into a big flirt…or maybe he’s still looking for a right girl to understand him. M highly confused….

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