My only mistake was to sacrifice

Posted on April 26, 2010


Tears start rolling from my eyes, the moment a glimpse of my ex-boy friend comes in. I know I am the culprit of the entire situation. I made him realize my worth after so many years, something that I would have done long back. Then may be it would have been easier for him to accept the conditions.

All I did in these years was to sacrifice myself to the most and just make him happy so that I too can be happy always. I did this forgetting that after all even I am a human being with limited potential to resist things. The level of patience in women too is structured to some mark only. And right at this moment, when that patience is over and I am thinking about my priorities, I am wrong. Since 5 years when I was giving priority to his believes and everything, I wasn’t wrong. But the moment I have started loving myself, am the worst person on this earth according him.

Well, all I can say is women do have a big heart to digest every thing and accept men even at their worst situation but men cannot. Haven’t their been equal in both cases, life would have been much easier and satisfying.

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