Annie’s job experience..

Posted on May 19, 2010


She told me how difficult it was for her to find a job. After toiling herself in extreme sunny afternoon’s, making hours of hard core visits to company offices, it was sort of unresistant. But since there wasn’t a way out, she had to do this at any damn cost.. Finally she end up getting a job which paid less of course since it was her first job. No matter how and what the situation was, she did engage herself into it. It was all that was needed..a job..

After more than 6months, the situation became even worse. She desired growth in her existing salary. You might call it personal wish for getting professionally uplifted but somehow, it was family too who needed her support and became a driving force for this desire. Now, the existing company is not ready to raise the salary. Definitely they are right on their part because every company looks for candidate’s commitment. But at the same time, don’t really understand their reasons behind. Whatever, she’s now looking for the change in job…If those guys are practical and professional.. why not she too can be one..Environment teaches…

We never become practical untill surroundings don’t teach us to be one..

To be continued….

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