A True :- Nutty Buddy conversation

Posted on May 24, 2010


Amit: so…….  can I ask u something

Sanya: Would you stop if I’ll ask you to?
Amit: y u r such a darling, u understands me so well?
Sanya: aha…Go ahead now…
Amit: actually that was my ques too
Amit: y u r such a darling?
Sanya: ok
Sanya: god found so many wanderers on earth disguised as men..but there were hardly any darlings to make them live ideally…most of them were girls or actually dumb gals who were not able to handle men/wanderers in a better way so he finally decided to send few darlings disguised as cute gals…so…that’s the reason behind..   😉
Amit:: lmfao
this is the reason this wanderers is so much after u..
Sanya: lol
Amit: so will u like to be my darling? ❤
Sanya: love to…my wanderer…. ❤

Amit: 😛
Sanya: lol
Amit: Would you like to be mine before marriage?
Sanya: What do you think so?
Amit: i never knew u r reserved in thoughts..   :-S
Sanya: hmm…n I felt… by now u must have understood much things about me… 😉
Amit: lmao……. well u r right I have understood more than much now…….but no matter how hard u try u can never understand women completely…
Sanya: ha ha ha
tell me one thing…
Amit: even god failed in that department miserably…then how come i ace in there
Sanya: u think m unpredictable??
Amit: not to greater extent
but still yeah

Sanya: lol
Amit: can I utter something now
Sanya: again
If ask you not to then would u?
Amit: :-X tu mana kar ke to dekh
Sanya: dog..
Ohk then stop n don’t utter another word
Amit: :-X
Sanya: Better
u look amazing being quite…


Amit: :-*
Sanya: ?
Amit: :-X
Sanya: lol
Amit: 😛
Sanya: You look so cute…while being quite…
Angry young man..
How cute…!!
Sanya: 😛
Amit: O:-)
Sanya: what happened swthrt?
Amit: 😥
Sanya: awww….
acha go ahead…
Amit: dude
u love to test me
dont u
Sanya: lol

Amit: yea right…..
y u have to be like this…..darling

Sanya: tell me frankly…
u don’t like this?
Amit: i love it honestly
but the distance ruins it

Sanya: then i can surely be the same old gal whom u met
sometime back
Amit: i would love to be with u when it happens
Sanya: u want me to change myself??
trust me i can do anything for u…
Amit: when i said that
Sanya: darling
Amit: well make sure u say that word carefully
ANYTHING covers whole lot of shit darling
Sanya: i know…what’s it in ur language
Amit: i speak english girl
Sanya: but right now we are talking about my being the same old person
Amit: i dont know wat language u r talking though
Sanya: ya
Amit: no
i don’t want u to be the same old person
Sanya: ok then replace the word language with senses or meaning or something
Amit: but my major concern is y couldn’t be like this before
i mean when we met……u should have shown me the bitch side……..and i might have shifted to your city…  ❤
Sanya: I wish….
ab tak to pata nai kya kay ho jata
😉 😛 😉
Amit: lol
can imagine that
Amit: hey
wat u think exactly wud have happened?
Sanya: something something
Amit: muuuuuuuahhhhhhh
Sanya: …u Dog…
Amit: if i ask do u love me? wat will ur reply be?
think before saying cos my next ques is ready
Sanya: ha haha
i know u are always ready with a huge list
well….on a very serious note…
if i cross question…hope u would’nt mind
presuming.. u will not
Amit: yea i wont
Sanya: do u know the meaning of love?
Amit: and i promise till watever kind of relationship we have……i will be honest with u
Sanya: i know u will be…
Amit: i think so i do know….
Sanya: ok
then lets better understand each other over that
Amit: i wrote few lines when i was in +1
Sanya: tell me what u think?
Amit: i hardly remember everything
but ……it was like……

….Love is in ur mother’s lap and in ur father’s slap
love is red , love is blue and of every color u want it to…

Sanya: that’s a nice quote..

Amit: well i lost the diary
i think i wrote 2 pages on this…..when someone asked me wat u think abt that
but now that’s all i cud remember
so if u ask me do i love u……..
i think is too broad of a term and in this world its very tough to love anyone…….

Sanya: absolutely…
Amit: but
i like u soo much
that would really love to spend time with u…….
before u get married 😉

Sanya: lol…
Sanya: No comments…

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