Feeling love at 10+2…

Posted on May 26, 2010


At the age of 20, the very first time I felt the feeling of love. I am not really sure whether it was it or just an infatuation, since at that age feelings rule our thoughts. An introvert person like me who had always been living in the close secure bond of family, pampered like anything wouldn’t have never thought of going and meeting a guy especially when the school too was just girls. Only one person felt the need and that was my only friend who had always been with me at good and bad times. Mom and Dad said “You are just spoiling your life and studies by being with her always” But I still never felt the same. She, being an extrovert, got me a guy to talk on call. It was the first time when I felt as if; I am flying high in air. Patrick was just another friend of her. She met her only on call which was supposed to be a wrong number ideally.

Was it destiny?

We still wonder.


She got the guy. Now, the situation was she deeply got closer to him just by chatting but never got the chance to meet him. She’s 25 today and the guy is still there in her thoughts, the way he was earlier.

Patrik and my situation was entirely different. Although I had similar feelings for Patrick too. I still memorize those late night chit chats on landline since I never had a cell phone at that age, fear, that mom might not pick the parallel line.

My first meet with him…amazing it was. Then of course, the romantic conversation.
Never realized that he was much elder to me…And we never had any future. But the time was simply amazing. On day…he called up on the landlines and I was not available at home…now what

DAD picked up the call…and checked the list of his nums…we were like dead..dad never told me anything but I saw Patrick’s num in my telephone diary…and the next evening when I called him, he told me what dad said…his words to him were” U JERK, DARE YOU CALL on this num again and you’ll be handed over to the COPS”..Patrick still didn’t give up but I was so damn frightened..I told him clearly …Don’t ever call back to me…else I’ll tell dad…LOL….Ha ha haha…
And now I laugh loudly…on my own that how my first relation ended up within a period of 1 week…TOO SHORT…isn’t it….LOLz….

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