Posted on June 11, 2010


Husband awakes at his place with chronic hangover…
Forcefully he opens his eyes wide and the first thing he notices is few aspirins with a glass full of water placed over the side table of his bed.
He comes back to his senses and sits down and then notices the patch of his clean, pressed clothes right on the front table.

Then he looks all around in the room, perfect and spotlessly cleaned, just like the rest of his house.
He takes up the glass of water and notices the note placed under it, over the table.
“Sweetheart, breakfast is on the dining table, I left early, was getting later for office”.

Love you!…

Startled with the note, he moves to the kitchen and surely finds enough hot breakfast with the morning newspaper.
His son too was eating there. He then asks him, “Son, what really happened last night?”
Son said, “Well, you were back to home somewhere around at 3 AM, drunk, excited and delirious.
Broke glass crockery, Puked inside the hall and then also got that black eye while stumbling within the door”.

Baffled….the man questions, “So, how is everything within all order and so much cleaned up, and even the breakfast’s waiting for me?”
There should be a huge fight between me and her!…than all this
Son replies…”Yea that! You were dragged inside the bedroom by Mom, and while she was trying to take your shoes and clothes off” said,


Moral of the story
Hangover- $400.00
Breakfast- $12.00
Broken Crockery – $ 1000.00
Speaking the most correct words even while being Drunk- PRICELESS

Certainly, there are few things, MasterCard or money both can’t buy!!

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