Why men fail in relationships?

June 4, 2010


What my psychology about men says is that they PRETEND TO BE STRONG BUT actually they are damn EMOTIONAL from within. Their ego and attitude stays over the top and they don’t ever shed them for anyone until and unless it’s the most special once, mom, dad, brother or sister. However, somewhere I feel they […]

aaaahhhhh its so complicated….

June 3, 2010


Look look who called me up last night…the person…whom i had love unconditionally….I cried for days, begging him to come back…took sleeping pills in his remembrance, went to hospital…..he never cared for what i was suffering from….he left me coz of his ego… And when i tried to distract myself and made up to move […]

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This is for you Ankit since you would never be able to forgotten her…

June 1, 2010


Her words would keep following you… Her smile would stay within your heart… Her care would never let you go anywhere… … Despite you’ve tried harder to forget her.. Despite you’ve started falling for someone else… Despite you would never let her go from your thoughts … Her deep intense feelings would never let you […]

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Loving someone is so easy..but leaving someone who loves you very much is just horrible…

May 31, 2010


It feels really very bad when the person you love is in pain just because you left them in the middle of deep down love, but the force of circumstances is on extremes that neither you can go back, nor you can stay with them…It gives hell lot of pain every day, every hour, every […]

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Stubboness is the root cause of most breaking relations..still we don’t brush it off …

May 27, 2010


Love is true, pure, sincere, flawless, unconditional etc etc etc…But the independent and practical world around us paint these true feelings in black color, making us even more harsh….and we try to MOVE ON with the load and burden deep inside…still that love for the love one remains within despite so many misunderstandings occur, we […]

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Feeling love at 10+2…

May 26, 2010


At the age of 20, the very first time I felt the feeling of love. I am not really sure whether it was it or just an infatuation, since at that age feelings rule our thoughts. An introvert person like me who had always been living in the close secure bond of family, pampered like […]

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A True :- Nutty Buddy conversation

May 24, 2010


………. Amit: so…….  can I ask u something Sanya: Would you stop if I’ll ask you to? Amit: y u r such a darling, u understands me so well? Sanya: aha…Go ahead now… Amit: actually that was my ques too Amit: y u r such a darling? Sanya: ok Sanya: god found so many wanderers […]

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