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Connections….across boundaries

August 10, 2010


If you expect the other person to understand your silence too then express your feelings loudly at least once… A very close friend of mine is in love with a beautiful charming girl. Both understand each other very well despite of huge distance between their countries. Turning point in their life is now when they […]

Before much misunderstandings mount up, before it gets too late, before you actually lose a special person, go and admit your mistake…. Feel of being together even at distances is way better than being separated.

August 2, 2010


In this practical world, where love has no space, it’s really difficult to retain relationships. People come and go but few of them retain a special place. We can call it connections that happen with god’s grace which lets us meet them. And egoistic nature of us many times let them leave too very soon. […]


June 11, 2010


Husband awakes at his place with chronic hangover… Forcefully he opens his eyes wide and the first thing he notices is few aspirins with a glass full of water placed over the side table of his bed. He comes back to his senses and sits down and then notices the patch of his clean, pressed […]

Being Single feels really good…or bad??

June 4, 2010


Being Single feels really good… It’s an awesome feeling…..its freaky…its fun being single.. No tensions of telling anyone… No worries of caring… No obligations for going out … Don’t really need to answer to so many WHY’s… It feels good… But at the same time… The remains of past experience tend to tamper, my feelings, […]

aaaahhhhh its so complicated….

June 3, 2010


Look look who called me up last night…the person…whom i had love unconditionally….I cried for days, begging him to come back…took sleeping pills in his remembrance, went to hospital…..he never cared for what i was suffering from….he left me coz of his ego… And when i tried to distract myself and made up to move […]

Feeling love at 10+2…

May 26, 2010


At the age of 20, the very first time I felt the feeling of love. I am not really sure whether it was it or just an infatuation, since at that age feelings rule our thoughts. An introvert person like me who had always been living in the close secure bond of family, pampered like […]

Quarrels held us apart, love flew away swiftly without warning about the consequences that are even more adverse…

May 20, 2010


Last week, I asked my b.f that we should …

May 15, 2010


Last week, I asked my b.f that we should marry now since its been more than 4 years of being together, good enough time for knowing each other…and he said NO… coz he needs freedom. What the hell is this?…

“I wish I could be with you for the lifetime but the forces outside force me to leave you”

April 26, 2010


Love is pure, true and unconditional. It never expects anything even after giving everything against. But circumstances force us to make it conditional and by that we take thos decisions that ruins our feelings. Practical world makes us practical.

“I sacrificed my today to make your tomorrow beautiful“

April 26, 2010


If I left you, it was only for you so that you can be happy forever. I pray to god, someday you get to understand that.