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Before much misunderstandings mount up, before it gets too late, before you actually lose a special person, go and admit your mistake…. Feel of being together even at distances is way better than being separated.

August 2, 2010


In this practical world, where love has no space, it’s really difficult to retain relationships. People come and go but few of them retain a special place. We can call it connections that happen with god’s grace which lets us meet them. And egoistic nature of us many times let them leave too very soon. […]

Love is a feeling..Pure, Sacred….UNDEFINED

July 6, 2010


I just cannot explain the extent to which I feel secure being with you. That feeling is beautiful…Its pure, sacred and undefined…Till now I had been defining love in other words but its just now that I have started understanding the meaning of being in love. Love is not, how much you talk to the […]

This is for you Ankit since you would never be able to forgotten her…

June 1, 2010


Her words would keep following you… Her smile would stay within your heart… Her care would never let you go anywhere… … Despite you’ve tried harder to forget her.. Despite you’ve started falling for someone else… Despite you would never let her go from your thoughts … Her deep intense feelings would never let you […]